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Thread: New documentary/web-series on Ghost Towns, mines, and other abandoned places.

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    Default New documentary/web-series on Ghost Towns, mines, and other abandoned places.

    Hi fellow adventurers,

    I have been enjoying the ghost town forums a lot lately but haven't posted in some time. I don't normally like to use a thread to advertise, but we need your support in getting our historical documentary off the ground.

    I wanted to let you know about our latest project, Mojave Underground TV. With a focus on exploring historic mines and ghost towns around the Western United States, we are setting out to document these rapidly disappearing sites in an exciting and educational way that will engage audiences from around the world.

    We have been shooting MUTV since 2010 and have come a long way in our production quality. We are proud of our work, but unfortunately equipment and travel costs have prevented us from taking MUTV to the next level. At first we were contacted by big studios to produce a reality TV show, but we quickly learned that we would lose a big part of our voice to network executives. They were much more focused on the drama and adventure and much less focused on the actual history.

    We brainstormed for solutions to this problem and realized that crowd-funding may be the answer we are looking for. So we just launched a kickstarter project today to help us live our dreams and bring this amazing Western history to the masses:

    You can check out our videos on our website:

    and on our youtube channel:

    Thanks everybody!
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