Sun City, formerly Ross, went under during the Depression and the huge Sun School was given to the Hillsborough County School Board. It was used for years as a school for black children until the county closed it.

After that it was bought by a prison labor camp. Abuses and stories of slave labor were leveled against the school owners.

December 20, 1972 it burned down.

I have been trying to located the school for quite some time. Finally with a little time my wife and I spent some time asking questions to neighbors in the area (most Hispanic and non English speaking) and no one knew where the ruins were even though it was in their backyard.

I finally located a guy on my last and final pass through the area and he knew about it. He put his flip-flops on and escorted us right to the front door.

The school was huge and a great find. See the pictures below:
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