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Thread: Hard to log on

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    Default Hard to log on

    The forum has a popup banner that obliterates the login field. Kind of hard to log in without being able to click on it.

    I spent about 10 minutes poking around for a back door and finally got in. Needs to be fixed.

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    Speedy, I had this issue until I accidently opened the site in a window that had not been maximized in size. The log in field was not obscured! If I maximize, the pop up does cover it like you describe. Maybe this will help?

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    Chiming in as a new member here. The minimize screen trick worked for me, if I have the screen maximized as normal the top banner add fully covers the login windows.

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    I have mine on auto login to make it a non-issue. Its a problem when I view my profile also, I have to find a thread I commented now with everything blocked.

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    I had the same problem, but if you click on reply, it will take you to the log in too.
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