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Thread: Red Rock Mine, NV - Mill Destroyed!

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    Default Red Rock Mine, NV - Mill Destroyed!

    Sad news, ghost town fans. The mill at Red Rock Mercury Mine, NV has recently been destroyed, apparently by the government. Nothing left but the rotary kiln. Everything else has been erased from existence.

    Here's what the mill looked like when I was there last summer:


    (I have complete photos of the mill on my website:

    This was one of the best and most interesting historical sites in Nevada. It deserved to be preserved, not destroyed! At least the other buildings at the site are still standing, so far.

    The **** feds are worse than vandals. Over the years I've seen other great historic sites wiped out like this. It really ticks me off!

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    That is sad to see things like this go......too bad we don't mine like this anymore, its a lost artform and as years go by the mines are found dangerous and destroyed. Thanks for the update.


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    Very sad to hear this has happened. Boo!

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    Bummer, never made it out there.
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    Yes, the government...Hurting tiny tourist economies with their shutdown & tearing down historical sites on land they have no intention of repurposing.

    We need lobbiests to keep these places intact.

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    hey.. a familiar face... (Kurt... been posting with you since 2003 when I discovered RME)..

    This wouldn't be in reference to Daveytown, NV would it?

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