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    if they leave that for ever?
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    Considering how all the old school video stores had a creepy back room behind a curtain this might have just been a clever play on words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyroler View Post
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    if they leave that for ever?

    Ty, as Burro indicated, I can pretty much guarantee you that these people knew exactly what they were doing. It's free publicity for them every time someone calls attention to it. And there are several variations that have been used as street signs along with a number of other advertising applications. Flicker(s), Flick Off, Flicked, Flicking, etc., used by electricians, lights & ceiling fan stores, on & on.

    I suppose a city council could petition to have the business make the appropriate changes, but that's usually a 50/50 trapshoot. Especially if the business owner has deep pockets for a street-smart attorney.

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