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Thread: Anyone on Car,-and Bike restoration?

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    Default Anyone on Car,-and Bike restoration?

    Been past a Body Shop on Route 395 themes owner is 70 and thinks on Retirement.
    Has a few restored Cars and Bikes,one Project started and a few waiting.
    Some of his Work was printed in Magazine,but after an heart attack he feels not strong enough anymore to work that har and quick as he once did.
    Its a nice little Paint Shop on the Main Road with Hairdresser Saloon attached and Restaurant the one Site,Church the other site,River passing the building,and School next,just over the Road.

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    Default what part of 395 exactly?

    what part of 395 exactly?

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    Sorry. Had problem login in as i have new Computer and an Add is above the Log-In Field

    Horton Bros Paint Shop in Big Pine,just south of Bishop.
    Would take it as it is if i had the fund,but Lotto Company hasn't paid me out yet,so i just can forward info as someone may be interested.
    Pics is on

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