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Thread: Rodden, or: Occupational Hazards!

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    Default Rodden, or: Occupational Hazards!

    So again, I have been researching possible spots in my part of the country that may have remnants. Sadly, as opposed to out west (where there are tons of buildings and other signs of former settlements around), in the Midwest most former settlements were razed and made into farmland, leaving little if any sign that there was anything there at all.

    This is why places like Rodden, Illinois, appeal to me. There seems to be quite a bit that is still standing from this small town, including the abandoned Winston Tunnel, used by the Great Chicago Western Railway. Below I've attached some write-ups and photos of the area.

    So why the "occupational hazard" part of the title? Now, I've been in the general area of this small town; finding it isn't hard, exactly, but there have been warnings, especially in areas that have been reclaimed by nature, of rattlesnakes. Have other people had similar hazards while ghost town exploring? I'd love to hear stories.,_Illinois

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    That's an awesome flickr stream you've got there! Love the pics of the vines creeping up on that old house.

    The hazards I've found in the NW are mostly mold in old buildings. Asbestos i'm sure. I've had nightmares of driving past gates in logging roads and having them shut and locked behind me. Oh, there's phone numbers to call posted on these gates: and they all happen to be out of cell phone range!

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    季節にもよるが、スタート時間は朝8〜10時頃。1時間前にはゴルフ場のクラブハウスに到着し、まずキャデ ィーバッグを係の人に預ける。激安ゴルフクラブ 自分はシューズと着替えの入ったボストンバッグを持って受付へ。ここでロッカーのキーをもらい、ロッカール ームで着替えてコースに出る。

    キャディーバッグは係の人がカートに積んでくれているので、自分のバッグを探してカートに乗り込めばOK。 クラブハウスの外でウオーミングアップをしたり、練習用のグリーンでパットの練習をしながら過ごし、スター ト10分前には最初のホールでスタンバイする。


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