Hello, new to the forum, and excuse me if I am posting in the wrong area. I am Rick Main, the new owner of the Belmont Inn and Saloon, a bed and breakfast, saloon, game room, restaurant, mercantile, etc in the semi-ghost town of Belmont Nevada, population 9. Belmont was started in about 1866, as well the the Inn, which was originally a mining office for the Combination Mine in Belmont. Our new website is www.belmontnevada.com and I am looking for suggestions and opinions about how to promote the business as well as the rest of the town. I'm an avid history buff, especially of Nevada, and bought the place as a passion to be sure it is well taken care of. The business idea came later as a means to fund the project. All proceeds go to restoration and proceeds.
Anyway, let me know what you think!
My email is: info@belmontnevada.com
Rick Main