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Thread: New owners and remodel of Belmont Inn and Saloon in Belmont Nevada

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    Default New owners and remodel of Belmont Inn and Saloon in Belmont Nevada

    Hello, new to the forum, and excuse me if I am posting in the wrong area. I am Rick Main, the new owner of the Belmont Inn and Saloon, a bed and breakfast, saloon, game room, restaurant, mercantile, etc in the semi-ghost town of Belmont Nevada, population 9. Belmont was started in about 1866, as well the the Inn, which was originally a mining office for the Combination Mine in Belmont. Our new website is and I am looking for suggestions and opinions about how to promote the business as well as the rest of the town. I'm an avid history buff, especially of Nevada, and bought the place as a passion to be sure it is well taken care of. The business idea came later as a means to fund the project. All proceeds go to restoration and proceeds.
    Anyway, let me know what you think!
    My email is:
    Rick Main

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I just spent some time in Belmont. I was very impressed with the area.
    I plan on coming back. For the record.... I'm not a shill and have no relation
    to anyone or anything in the area.

    These are some of the things I loved while I was there.......

    1. Remote, well off the "beaten path."
    2. Quiet. I did not hear any subwoofers, drunken brawls, etc.
    3. High altitude. The stars were amazing!!
    4. Pinion pines everywhere.
    5. Paved road in. ( Although we came in from Manhattan ).
    6. Jeep exploration friendly. I loved the Court house and Jail, and
    the two mill sites that are South East of town.
    7. Everything was open and accessible. No closed trails.
    8. Lots of history!!!! Lots to see!!!!
    9. I loved the camp area west of town.

    The only way you could make it better for me is to serve
    very greasy cheese burgers and home fries - serious. A dark beer
    would be welcome also.

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    ゴルフを始めて十数年。「ゴルフをたしなみます」などと、すまし顔で微笑んでいた私の周りに、数年前からゴ ルフデビューを果たす女性がチラホラ…。気がついたら、空前の女子ゴルフブームになっていまし た! 激安ゴルフクラブ しかも、最近の女子ゴルファーは、“お付き合いゴルフ”ではなく“本気ゴルフ”に取り組むのが特徴。そうい えば、練習場でも、1人キャディバッグを背負って登場し、練習に励む女性を見る機会が増えまし た。


    クラブハウスから見える広大な芝を見た瞬間、脳内に快感物質がドッと放出されるのがわかります。フェアウエ ーに出れば、心地よい風が肌を吹き抜け、大地や木々の匂いが嗅覚を刺激する。そんな大自然の下でパーン!と ナイスショットが出れば、仕事のストレスなど一瞬にして吹き飛んでしまいます。そして、ラウンドしたあとは おいしいビールが待っている! どうですか? 視覚から味覚まで満足させてくれるスポーツなんて、他にない と思いませんか?


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