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Thread: SoCal ghost town needed for short film shoot

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    Default SoCal ghost town needed for short film shoot

    Hi all,

    I'm a short film/web content producer and am looking for a place - hopefully not more than three hours away from LA - to shoot a few sequences in a short film this November. Was wondering if anyone around here had any experience with friendly landowners who might be willing to let us shoot on their property. Ideally, we're looking for a location that has a few remaining structures.

    If anyone comes to mind - or if there are any friendly landowners on the board - please give me a shout!


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    I'd recommend any of the following ghost towns that are along or very close to Route 66:

    Cadiz/Cadiz Summit

    I covered each of these places on my Route 66 California album and they are within the distance you are looking for:

    Also some other suggestions I have that might be worth a visit from Los Angeles:

    Salton Sea area:

    Bombay Beach
    Salton City

    Sonoran Desert:

    Eagle Mountain
    Desert Center

    Mojave (Non-Route 66 associated)

    Death Valley Junction

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    Thanks, this is incredibly helpful.

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