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Thread: Japanese Ghost Town

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    Default Japanese Ghost Town

    This link on the online version of The Atlantic shows many pictures of Namie, which was a bit north of the failed Fukushima radiation plant. The entire town -- for obvious reasons -- has been completely abandoned, leaving the town to slowly rot. It's sad, really, but I cannot deny that I find such things to be fascinating.

    Thoughts? Opinions?

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    Default Chernobyl

    Natural and Man made disasters make people stop and leave. I learn more from a disaster like a nuclear disaster or Pompeii in Italy. Sometimes while we feel for the people there at the time being forced from your city allows me to understand their life better than if their mill closes.

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    Default What state is the ghost town of Jerome in?

    Yes, I have read about the place, Namie and it is considered as a ghost town. It is said that the streets are deserted and its shops are closed.

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