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    Think have to cancel my Tour to Bodie.
    May get too cold right now,and having later the Year a Court Battle. Got half a House after Dad passed away. House has 2 Floors with 8 Rooms and Part Owner cant split it by 2. So he applied by Court to get House split so everyone gets the Part he is eligible.
    Anywhy,will cost a bit,and,due to no Children im looking to get someone in the Boot who gets my Half after i die for an Amount we have to agree,i will invest partly in recovering a Historical Place. A Cafe or something along Route,sa 66 or so,he also gets after i pass away.
    So,may be not before 2015 to hit the Road to Bodie,i rekon.
    Fixed my Camera which frozze to Death in big pine last Trip. Its a nice small Town i need to see again,with cheapest Campsite (Glacier View) the 395 along,having Shower&Toilet. Laundry is oposite Post Office,and its a body shop there. a Paint shop,you have to see the Bike and Car inside. The Lad will retire and may sell.
    Getting Eastern Sierra in 2015,south via Reno-Carson City towards Calico Ghost Town and Barstow. I just love the Dessert everytime i go there a bit more. Good Place to retire? Yes,i think so.

    add pics of old Post Station at Silver Lakes,just few Miles west of Barstow on Route 66.
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