Hey, fellow ghost-arinos. Long time, no see.

I'm planning a trip in May through Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, and part of the trip will take me along I-70 and CO 119. Besides Central City, are there any must-see sites that my wife and daughters (now 8 and 14) might enjoy? My wife will probably want to see Doc Holliday's grave in Glenwood Springs, and Central City will probably also be fine because there are so many buildings left. I'd like to know if there are any buildings, mines, or other sites a short drive off the highway that might have enough historical interest that I won't hear too much whining should I stop.

By the way, I wanted to stop at the Ames Brothers Pyramid off I-80 in Wyoming, but I figured I'd hear "You brought us all the way out here for THIS?!".