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Thread: Westfall, Oregon.

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    Default Westfall, Oregon.

    As of May 15, 2013, still a nice amount of buildings still intact.

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    Thanks for the pictures. Westfall has been on my to visit list for quite sometime. I'm hoping that will be this summer!
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    Default Westfall, OR

    I saw an ad in the Capital Press in ~2003 or so. The Westfall I believe General Store? was listed for sale.
    I was going through the area anyway so I checked it out.
    There was a couple living there at the time, if I remember correctly, they also owned the Post Office next door.
    Not sure of the current status of the old General Store, I'm nearly certain the Post office is still in operation....
    The best part was what she used as her address for UPS and Fedex:

    Westfall General Store
    End of the Pavement
    Westfall, OR 97920

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