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    Question wanted

    looking for a ghost town or a abandoned or nearly so town, with access to good water, electricity, n a few anmities...hopefully internet husband is a retired Marine n does not like towns, (to be honest he hates people who are 2 faced, he hates the politics of civilization) but my children are autrisc they need some civilization, n i need access to good internet usages...looking for a place near (well within 3 hours of los angelos navada my youngest step son, is an actor n he is thinking about trying out for "studio c" and my husband wants to be close to him, as well as to his other children in cailfornia, i have family in wisconsin, as well as here in oklahoma...we are living on SSI for my husband n my husband n I are not of sound build, he uses a cane n i can do little at a time, but we are not affaird of work...just cant do alot of it...i am into arts n crafts, n my husband is into hobbies, like minatures, history, in such
    we would like any info on a good place to settle down where i can get some civilization but my husband can live quietly we need a safe place for our 2 youngest boys as well (some place that would hopefully have a few kids...) or a least attractions for them

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    What has popped into my old febal mind is to check out the Goldfield area near Tonapah, Nevada in Nye County
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    Have a look into Big Pine in Owens Valley.
    There a few closed Shops you could re-open.
    Body Shop has a Hairdresser Saloon. Thinks its still closed,you could re-open. Horton Bros its called.
    Otherwise a Town,overran by boredom but still in a Community. Even Indians around there,a Glacier and Death Valley not far from.
    Its a Bus Service every second Day from Lancaster north via California City,Long Pine,Big Pine to Bishop and up to Reno.
    Bus pics up from Mc Donald,Mojave if you come by Greyhound from East via Barstow,or Lancester if you come by Train,or from Reno Greyhound Station (Amtrak is round Corner) if you come via Nevada.

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    Default answer to your question

    A friend of mine owns Keeler, CA. If you are interested in living in Keeler (200 miles from LA) please let me know and I will let him know. Jim

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    Question this was a good thought....

    Quote Originally Posted by teds280z View Post
    What has popped into my old febal mind is to check out the Goldfield area near Tonapah, Nevada in Nye County

    or possibly even tecopa hot springs, ca-located on the Old Spanish Trail. if that s too far away fom L.A., any number of places along Route 66...??? or Kel-Baker road.

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