Howdy, folks.

Because books can either be scarce or hard to obtain, I am relying more on newspaper archives searches to learn about ghost towns that grab my attention.

Here's an example:
Marysville Daily Appeal, Volume XXVII, Number 76, 30 March 1873
From the Cerro Gordo Mines.
BAKERSFIELD, March 29th. One thousand bars of bullion (eighty thousand pounds) arrrived to-day by oxteams. The epizootic has materially affected transportation to and from the Cerro Gordo mines. About 18,000 bars of bullion, valued at $6,000, now lie at the foot of Owens' Lake, awaiting transportation. The mining interests of Cerro Gordo were never so prosperous. The great scarcity of water has been considerable of a drawback to extensive operations, and a limited supply selling at from seven to fifteen cents per gallon, has induced the formation of a water company with a capital of $200,000. Contracts for the construction of works have been let, and they will be completed in July next. The source of supply is Diamond Springs, eleven miles north of Cerro Gordo. A large bed of borax has been discovered at the head of Kern Lake.

Here's an example of the search I ran on the site run by UC Riverside: