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    Default Great Research Tool

    Howdy, folks.

    Because books can either be scarce or hard to obtain, I am relying more on newspaper archives searches to learn about ghost towns that grab my attention.

    Here's an example:
    Marysville Daily Appeal, Volume XXVII, Number 76, 30 March 1873
    From the Cerro Gordo Mines.
    BAKERSFIELD, March 29th. One thousand bars of bullion (eighty thousand pounds) arrrived to-day by oxteams. The epizootic has materially affected transportation to and from the Cerro Gordo mines. About 18,000 bars of bullion, valued at $6,000, now lie at the foot of Owens' Lake, awaiting transportation. The mining interests of Cerro Gordo were never so prosperous. The great scarcity of water has been considerable of a drawback to extensive operations, and a limited supply selling at from seven to fifteen cents per gallon, has induced the formation of a water company with a capital of $200,000. Contracts for the construction of works have been let, and they will be completed in July next. The source of supply is Diamond Springs, eleven miles north of Cerro Gordo. A large bed of borax has been discovered at the head of Kern Lake.

    Here's an example of the search I ran on the site run by UC Riverside:

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    Great research tool for me has been

    You can look up a partial name and sort by state and county. It's not 100%, but I've found hundreds of hidden gems in there along with GPS coordinates of locations.
    Pacific Northwest Ghost Town Travel Blog:
    Ghost Town Map:

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    Over the decades, I've used period newspapers extensively in my research and writing endevours. To me, they present a better look at every day life of any community than what is published in most books.

    However, you have to realize and see through the fact that newspapers were often created to boost the town and interest out of state backers and capitalists than report real news.

    Newspapers often carried syndicated news from other locations as well, so if you can't find files or films for a location your specifially interested in, just check other regional periodicals and you'll often find news from the town of your focus.

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    Default Great Research tool

    Hi, I hope , I am not really late for this post but I find it interesting. Anyway, I guess, I would agree that newspaper is one of the best sources about Ghost towns information. However, you have to check what you have got too for an added research also and likewise to keep you updated.

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    Thumbs up Great Research Tools

    Hello Everybody,

    I have 3 pages of resource tools here Feel free to browse them and use them to find new ghost towns. I've been hunting these towns all over the United States for over 30 years.
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    If you need assistance you can most easily find me at If you're looking for ghost towns in Pennsylvania, I'd be happy to have you come along when we are heading out to explore an old one or find a new one!

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