First time posting here, but have gone on this site off and on throughout the last, several years.

After checking it out on the maps and reading about it, I ventured out from Clovis along the 209 and hit the 40 on towards Glenrio.
Another one of those pesky rainstorms with lightning reared its ugly head, but I kept driving on until I hit the spot.
From what pictures I saw of it, it still appeared to be in pretty much the same, run-down condition it has been in.
Of course with it being in such a close proximity to the 40, you're going to have your atypical signs of vandalism, tagging,. etc

Only building that seemed to still have an occupant was the restaurant and gas station, both closed, at the east end of town.
There appears to be a small house back there with a couple of shiny, modern cars and some barking dogs.

Other than that, it was a good, first-time find ever since I decided to start getting back into this semi-urban exploration activity.