I finally finished organizing the photos from my 2015 trip and getting everything posted to my website! The report on my trip begins here:


I had some car trouble again this year, and definitely need to find another SUV before my next trip. Also had a very scary near-wreck. But mostly I had a really great time and saw a lot of amazing stuff, including mines, mills, mining camps, pioneer ranch buildings, and a huge steam tractor. Here's a list of the places I visited this year:

Mazourka Canyon, CA
Black Eagle and Alhambra Mines, CA
Kearsarge, CA
Sylvania, NV
Sylvania Mine, NV
Four Aces Canyon mines, NV
Four Aces Mill, NV
White Wolf Mine, NV
Grantsville, NV
Nevada Cinnabar Mine, NV
Ione, NV
"White Ranch", O'Toole Ranch, "Adobe Ranch", Hess Ranch and others in the Reese River Valley, NV
Diamond Tunnel and Diamond Camp, NV
Eureka, NV
Willow Creek, NV
Keystone Canyon, NV
"Ground Zero" at the Project Faultless nuclear test site
Two mills in Eden Creek Canyon, NV
Clifford, NV
Tonopah, NV
South Klondike Hills, NV
Brannigan Mine, CA
Paymaster Mine, CA