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Thread: Must have Ghost Town Books for 2016?

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    Default Must have Ghost Town Books for 2016?

    Going forward in 2016, what books are you using to find new locations?

    Phillip Varney is by far my favorite author for ghost town related materials. Especially for his Ghost Towns of the Pacific Northwest (I own both editions.) He continues to be a pretty prolific author and is my role model for my (eventual) career.

    Jim Hinckley's Ghost Towns of Route 66 is inspiring. I WILL drive Route 66 one of these days, and I will have his book at hand while doing so.

    And lastly, Lambert Florin's books. I probably have everything he wrote and they definitely sparked my interest in History and Ghost Towns in general.

    So what are your go to books? What books coming out in 2016 are going to be "must own"?
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    This book is great idea. Help some tourist foreknow about place they will come

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