While exploring in southern Illinois after the recent floods, I came across a long group of foundations just across the road from the Mississippi River. There are many footings of buildings and silos there, but no indication of what stood at the site. Upon returning home, I found that the name of the area at different times used to be Fayville, Santa Fe, Commerce Landing and McElmurry Station. It was the site of a gun-powder mill, and suffered through a series of explosions over the years, before finally being abandoned circa 1928. Here is an article that I found about it: http://genealogytrails.com/ill/alexander/fayville.htm . The area can be accessed by driving southeast of Thebes, IL on IL Rte 3, then turning right on Rock Springs road. As you follow this road, it ends at Fayville Rd. Turn left and the old ruins will be on your left as you parallel the river. I have no idea who owns the land.