I've just finished posting the full report on my recent Nevada/Mojave ghost town trip, starting here:


These are the places I visited on the trip:

Jasper Queen Mine, CA
Corona Mine, CA
Minnietta-Keystone Mine, CA
Lookout Mine, NV
Black Butte Mine, NV
Nevada Rand Mine, NV
Nevada Scheelite Mine, NV
Red Top Mine, NV
Nevada Quicksilver Mine, NV
Pershing Mine, NV
Beacon Hill Mine, NV
Boyer Ranch, NV
Chalk Mountain Mines, NV
Westgate Mill, NV
Ellsworth, NV
Vindicator Mine, NV
Ames Camp, NV
Cloverdale, NV
Goldfield, NV
Gold Point, NV
Minnietta, CA
Lead (aka Hughes) Mine, CA
Lookout City, CA
Ballarat, CA
Goler Canyon and Newman's Cabin, CA
Lotus Mine, CA

In Goldfield, they now have a vintage train on display. It's an 0-6-0 tank engine (missing cab and other parts) and two wooden box cars.

In addition to all these historic places, I also saw some wildlife including hawks, antelope, burros, and a Great Basin rattlesnake (got some video of the snake).