I am new to the site but have been enjoying all the articles. I am a history major and part of my focus was the Civil War so will put this in historical terms. I have walked the fields and hills of Gettysburg and Tombstone, AZ. Tombstone needs to be done once but more of a tourist destination. Gettysburg is kind of the same way but not paid actors walking around etc. Across this country driving down back roads you may be lucky enough to find a structure and upon looking into it, it looks as if the people that may have lived in the home just disappearred. An old 50's car rusting out parked next to a house that I might be able to push over. While I enjoy the Historical Mining town sometimes the home is a snapshot of a not to distant past. What makes something a ghost town and something else an abandoned property? I have been trying to research and really explore some more of the snapshot places as to me they help me understand society and life at the time.