Well, it's taken me a LOT longer than usual to get this posted, but it's finally done. Here is my report on my 2018 Nevada & Mojave trip:


Sites I visited on this trip include:

Nikolaus-Eureka Mine, CA
Belleville Mine and Mill, NV
Ophir Cabins, NV
Ophir, NV
Croesus Mine, NV
Eureka Tunnel, NV
Lane City, NV
Lucky Star Mine, NV
Ida May Mine, NV
Black Prince Mine, NV
Golden Eagle Mine, NV
Caselton Heights, NV
"Williams Hill" Mine, NV
"Lincoln" Mine, NV
Mendha Mine, NV
Indian Cove, NV
Cimarron Mine, NV
San Antonio Mine, NV
Potomac, NV
Lambertucci Roma Ranch, NV

In addition to photos, I also have videos tours for many of these sites.