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: My name is Jay Griffiths. I am doing research for Norsemen Productions regarding a television show ("The Man-Made Movie&quot we produce for Turner Broadcasting and airs on TBS. One of our other shows is "Dinner & A Movie" which is in its fifth season.

: For the show, we create wraparound segments for showing movies. The concept for "The Man-Made Movie" is that we are building the ultimate guy house just outside of Atlanta. Each week we focus on an aspect of the construction of the house. We then relate this to the movie we are presenting for that show.

: Within the show we have a segment called "At A Guy's House." If you've ever seen the show "Cribs" on MTV, then you already have a good idea as to the style and content of the segment. We find someone who has a house, room in the house, or collection of some sort that relates to the movie or the construction project we are presenting that episode.

: We are preparing to shoot an episode for the movie "City Slickers". For our segment, we are looking for someone who owns/lives in a ghosttown. Do you live in the middle of nowhere in an abandoned ghosttown? Did you have a restored home in the middle of a ghosttown abandoned after the gold rush?

: If you or someone you know fits that description, please contact me at this email address or via phone at 310-455-2665. For further information on our shows, you may find it at superstation.com.

: Regards,

: Jay Griffiths
: Asst. Production Coordinator
: Norsemen Productions