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: I just got off the bulletin board and had to check out the posting that Vern had up on , the ghost town of "Rocky Bar" I thought i might have some photos of this interesting old mining town to share but did not find any in my archives,as I was looking for photos I did find a little bit about "Rocky Bar" in 1890 they had a population of 350 and a (post office) and as collector of old paper Items think It`s interesting to find old mining towns that were big enought to have a (P. O.) and to find any envelops that have (post marks) from that town during their bonanza`s,as I continued to check out this mining town on this great web-site that we all share I read the posting of the history of this great little ghost town that Roy SLoan and Angelia Heeb submitteed It`s great! and the photos that Karalie Ashford, and Brad Oliver are great also.As I have mentioned before on bulletin board I do also have family history in Idaho and also Montana and wecome any photos and history of the old west my thanks to the "staff" of Ghosttowns.com for giving this opportunity share our love for the old west