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Thread: Campo Seco, Calaveras County, California

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    Default Campo Seco, Calaveras County, California

    Originally posted by Paul Loughridge

    : Hi,

    : I am doing research on my grandfather who was a mining engineer. In the 1880's and 1890's he constructed the Penn Chemical Works. This was associated with the Penn Mine which was owned by my great-grandfather.

    : I would appreciate any information about these projects.

    : Paul Loughridge

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    Default Penn Mine, Campo Seco

    Hi Paul, found this post of yours from a while back. Can't give much Penn Mine history, but had a whole lot of good times tromping around the mine. My wife had relatives who worked the mine including a great uncle, George Ward who was a prospector of note in Calaveras and Touolumne Counties. I live 2 miles from the mine and over the last several years it has been undergoing a Superfund (scam) cleanup. The gates are now locked and the shafts sealed. Alas! Where are you located, and what was your grandfather's name?

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    Default resident of campo seco

    Interesting town, I lived there for ten years,I enjoyed the old western feel of the town. There is a lot of history there. I know a lot of old timers that could give u lots of info. reply back if u want info. The Penn mine situation is quite interesting.

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