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Thread: "30" ghost towns and sites worth viisiting in Idaho

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    Pat - since I began "exploring" American ghost towns on-line, with the idea of visiting them on my '08 USA trip, I've found so many fabulous places that I know I will never have time to see them all. Unless I take the Mexican option and just stay!!
    So I've been prioritizing madly - what are the "must see" places? Rocky Bar is one of my top 10 must see's.
    If you are thinking of checking it out, and wouldn't mind some enthusiastic company......?
    I know the snows will start falling soon, in Idaho, so next Spring/Summer ain't that far away!
    This forum is making a mess of my plans. I used to work with a guy from Idaho and the other yankees we worked with were always making jokes about Idaho, so I'd figured it was kinda flat and uninteresting.
    So I planned to go Seattle direct to Montana and then down the Rockies, ending up in Arizona.
    A month of and now I think I may never get out of my own private Idaho!! Gawd, what a magnificent place.

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    Originally posted by johnnie

    : : First of all I want to apologize, for the posting on the 4th I was called away from my commuter for bit and when I returned and summited the (Info) it was incomplete my mistake.

    : : Now for the Infomation on the Northern Idaho Ghost that I have researched through the years in and around Wallace Idaho I guess the main ghost town just north of the town of Wallace, is Murray & Eagle City, that`s where It all started back in 1882, when A.J. Prichard and his friend Gelatt were gold panning on the local creek and found a handfull of good size gold nuggets just short time, and this is what started the "gold rush" to Northern Idaho, and then came the mining towns of Gem, Burke Osburn, Kellogg, but many other discovers were made latter on that did not have the population that the towns above had, but still are worth checking out,

    : : Now some are just sites, but are still worth checking out, the whole aera is just littered with mining history and is just chuck full of interesting people that "rush" to the Coeur d` Alenes for to make their fortunes that I will post at later time.

    : : Now here are some of the smaller mines sites,in and around the town of Wallace do check John Amonson at the local museum for more details on their exact locations.

    : : 1. Bunker hill
    : : 2. Coeur
    : : 3. The Cresent
    : : 4. The Anchor
    : : 5. The Constitution
    : : 6. The Custer
    : : 7. the Evolution
    : : 8. Frisco
    : : 9. Galena
    : : 10.Galena
    : : 11.Gem
    : : 12.The Gold hunter
    : : 13 Hecla
    : : 14. The Hercules
    : : 15. The Highland Sunprise
    : : 16. The interstate
    : : 17. The Ione
    : : 18. The Jack Waite
    : : 19. The Last Chance
    : : 20. Lookout Mountain
    : : 21. The Lucky Boy
    : : 22. Lucky Friday
    : : 23. The Mayfower
    : : 24. The Monitor
    : : 25. the Moring Star
    : : 26. The Nabob
    : : 27. The Page
    : : 28. The Pilot
    : : 29 The Snowstorm
    : : 30. Tiger Poorman
    : : 31. The Sierra Nevada
    : : 32. The sunshine

    : : There are sever more that I will list at a latter time along with the colorful characters that made history in the stamspede to the Coeur d` A lenes.

    : : Thanks to the Ghost town Staff for this great web-site so we all can share our knowlege and love for the old west.

    : : Johnnie

    : I just wanted to mension that I reposted my story on the my family contribution to the history of the "old west" just scroll down to my posting just below my posting on the 4th of july my family and I thought It only appropriate to complete our posting.

    : thanks
    : johnnie
    Not sure where you got your information, but the Bunker Hill is not what I would call a "small mine" nor are others such as Hecla, Sunshine, Evolution, etc. These are HUGE MINES, all are patrolled and they don't mess around with trespassers. Very few of those listed are at or in Wallace. Bunker Hill/Sullivan/Gulf is at Kellogg; they have a free museum. There is also a Gondola going up to Silver Mtn which flies over the mines operated by Bunker Hill. Sunshine had a mining disaster there a number of years ago; many men were lost. The Sunshine is up Big Creek. Hecla is up the Gem-Burke canyon. Also, the EPA/Superfund is cleaning this whole area and many of the sites are off-limits due to contamination. Evolution is west of Osburn, which is between Wallace and Kellogg. There is 1 "gold mine" along the old highway east of Kellogg that has tours. The silver valley mined silver, lead and zinc. There were no "gold mines" to speak of. This tourist trap does have free RV parking-self contained only). I used to live in Osburn.

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    Yeah, Sunshine, Bunker, Lucky Friday are all HUGE mining operations and are privately owned. In fact, I just caught a news clip the other day that said Sunshine was going to open back up due to higher value of silver. It has been closed now for several years. If you go through Pinehurst and up Pine Creek canyon, there are many abandoned silver and gold mines that are on public land in that vicinity.
    Also, in addition to the Gold Mine tours off of I-90 near Kellogg, there is the Sierra Silver Mine tour in Wallace. My father-in-law used to be a tour guide at the Sierra Silver Mine.
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