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: Thanks! Everyone for the E-mail about the "Wyatt Earp" book, I want to mension I do not have anything to do with ordering of the book please go the the classified for that Information. I just wanted to pass the new`s on to the rest of you guys and gals that enjoy reading about the old west and the the people that made history in and around these great little mining towns that we all enjoy hearing about on this great web-site.

: I want to apologize for mispelling the word (available) on my posting the other day, I know we all do that once in a while when we get in a hurry.

: Now if any of you ghost towns "Buffs" live here in Southern California, you can pick up your copy of the Wyatt Earp book and meet the author in person at the famouse "Rose Bowl" Antique Swapp Meet in Pasadena California, When I saw the author last week he said he was going to attend, And have his book available at that time.

: This famouse "Rose Bowl" Antique Swapp Meet I have been to several times myself, to look around, through the years and find it the most Interesting place to pick up that very unusual Item that you can`t find anywhere else, as many of your favorite "Movie Stars" do I know I myself have seen many of them, over the years.

: Many thanks to all of you who E-mailed me, and many thanks to "G.T. staff for making this all possible.

: Thanks again
: Johnnie