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Thread: looking for ghost towns along I90 seattle to rapid city sd

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    Default looking for ghost towns along I90 seattle to rapid city sd

    Originally posted by doug macaulay

    : our family with 2 young children would like to find a ghost town or two to explore while on our vacation this year and am hoping someone on this board my be able to offer suggections, we will be traveling along i90, looking for something not so remote that it would be dangerous to visit with out the aid of a second vehicle(in case of mechanical problems)not acessable only by 4wd (we will be traveling in a vw thing so it is quite capable off road but not at rock crawling)and lastly something that has enough remains from days gone by to be enjoyable to young and old. feel free to email me directly
    : thanks in advance for your recomendations
    : doug

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    Default Garnet Montana

    Garnet is said to be the best preserved ghost town in Montana. It is just off I90 east of Missoula and well worth the visit. Google Garnet and lots of pictures are available.

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    Two MUST SEE GTs in Montana are Virginia City and Bannack. I've been to both of them and they are great. VC is a tourist trap and B is more authentic. Google "Henry Plummer" and "Vigilantes of Montana". If you're lucky you might even locate Henry Plummer's cache of stolen money said to be 20 minutes away on a fast horse (from Bannack) where he was hung! Actually Bannack is misspelled; named after the Bannock Indians, it was. Nearby is Bannack Pass (also misspelled) into Idaho. Further south, city of Pocatello is in Bannock County.

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