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Thread: Little Long Rapids

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    Default Little long rapids

    Quote Originally Posted by zeebs View Post

    Does anyone remember the Hunter family?
    Stan, Sheila, and their kids Wendy, Hughie, Ann, and Lynn lived in little long (not sure of the dates)

    Ann is my mother and has mentioned her time in Little Long frequently. It interested me and I was curious to see if a forum like this existed. Reading the posts above, i recognize the name Gerda Dykstra and I am sure my family will recognize others. I would love to hear from anyone that knew my family members, and will be happy to have them join the forum to catch up.

    Hi Alan; My parents and your grand parents knew each other very well. I know your mom and your Aunts and Uncle Hughie. I live in Greely just south of Ottawa and would love to see them all again. My parents are deceased since 1999 and was wondering how your grand parents are. Also do you have contact for Gerda Dykstra? Tell your aunts and uncle that I have contact with the Rajas, Elsi, Ilme and Tom who live in Ajax. They are all former residents of Little Long. Many names are somewhat familiar in this Forum. My home phone is 613-821-4491. My email is Would love to hear from all of you. Thanks, eric

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheryl Skelly Subject View Post
    Hi all....some familiar names on this post from Kap/Little Long days. I lived in Kap from 1958 until mid-1964 while my father Vince Skelly was a carpenter at Little Long. We left Kap in 64 when Dad was transferred to Renfrew, Ont. We lived in Kap (actually Mitchell's Corners) and Dad came home by train on the weekends. I spent many a visit in at Little Long though. Have reconnected with alot of old friends from Little Long at recent reunions in Ottawa Valley but would also like to reconnect with old friends who lived in Kap. Lots of memories to share.
    Hi Cheryl:

    Are you the Cheryl Skelly that used to live in Renfrew, Ontario? Do you remember name is Muriel (maiden name Mask)? We both went to the Collegiate in Renfrew, Ontario. You and your parents lived a few blocks from us. We lived on Baldwin Street. You lived in front of the White House (restaurant). If you are the same lady, please email me @ I would love to hear from you, I've often thought about you.


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    Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario, Canada (in North Eastern Ontario)

    Default Colony Project - Northereaster Ontario

    Colony Project – Northeastern Ontario - Photograph Exhibit: May 2013 -
    I am the Volunteer Curator of the Smooth Rock Falls Heritage Centre Museum, which is located in the former United Church building at 45 3rd Avenue. I am creating an exhibit relating to the Hydro Stations (Dams) and their former colonies north of Smooth Rock Falls (all accessible via Highway 634 N of SRF).

    Some “dam” sites had colonies, which no longer exist today. In order to preserve the memory of them, and their residents/workers, I am looking for photographs, news items, memorabilia, etc. If you have anything you would like to share, or to place in our museum, please contact Sheila Jacques, P.O. Box 48, Smooth Rock Falls, ON P0L 2B0, 705-338-2939, or by e-mail
    On the Mattagami River:
    - Little Long Rapids, OPG (Mowbray Twp.)
    - Smoky Falls, OPG (Harmon Twp.)
    - Harmon, OPG (Harmon Twp.)
    - Kipling, OPG (Kipling Twp.)

    On the Abitibi River
    - Island Falls, privately owned (Tolmie & Menapia Twps.)
    - Abitibi Canyon, OPG (Pinard Twp.)
    - Otter Rapids, OPG (Pitt Twp.)
    - New Post Falls (Parliament Twp.) & New Post, Hudson’s Bay Trading Post
    Photo collection at the S.R. Falls Museum:
    - 200 photographs, 1931-1932, construction of the Abitibi Canyon GS, and former colony.
    - 40 photographs, 1926-1928, construction of the Smoky Falls GS.
    - 100 photographs, 1960-1963, showing the colony and construction of Little Long Rapids GS.

    - 177 issues of Abitibi Magazines, 1929-1930; 1946-1970

    Museum hours:
    Summers: July and August: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Off-season: By chance or by appointment - contact Sheila Jacques.

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    Default The Hannah Family

    Hi: Does any one remember the Hannah Family. My name is Connie and I have a brother Reg. We lived in Little Long Rapids for about 8 years, we lived on forth street.

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    Default I used to live in Little Long

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Originally posted by Jim Church

    : Hi, I would like to hear from anyone who used to live in Little Long Rapids Ontario Canada. The only way to get there was by rail from Kapuskasing Ontario, it was secluded and was a complete temporary town as three dams were built for hydro electric power. It had a bank, theatre, bowling alley, theatre, pool room, etc. It was a very important part of a few years in my life. Jim
    We were J.R. Joseph, who was a carpenter foreman. Mother,Betty,hairstylist, and 3 kids Sharon,Bryan and Bobby.I can't remember the dates,I'm thinking early 60's.
    Do you know any of our neighbors,Blackburn,Eady[Jill],Stewart[Diane],Hogan Judy& Susan],Nettie Panula.
    Teachers were Ron Spears and John Cambridge to name two.Love to hear from anyone.Sharon

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    Default The Beaulieu Family

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Originally posted by Jim Church

    : Hi, I would like to hear from anyone who used to live in Little Long Rapids Ontario Canada. The only way to get there was by rail from Kapuskasing Ontario, it was secluded and was a complete temporary town as three dams were built for hydro electric power. It had a bank, theatre, bowling alley, theatre, pool room, etc. It was a very important part of a few years in my life. Jim
    Hi Jim and everyone else,

    I lived in Little Long Rapids around 1965 (I would have been 5 years old). I don't think we lived there for more than a year. My dad worked for Hydro. Some of you may remember my older brothers Richard (he would have been 11) and Harvey (he would have been 14). I also have a younger sister. I only remember through photos and 8 mm film what the area looked like. I do remember the train ride and the smell of the train!

    We moved to Wallaceburg in 1966 and my dad transferred with Hydro in Lambton.

    Linda Beaulieu

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    Hello LLR folks,

    My name is Shannon Speer and I am the daughter of 2 LLR teachers in the sixties, Ron Speer and Mary Lou Sabo. LLR is a huge part of our family history and the stories we have been told run deep in our family lore. I was not born until 1971 in Dunnville, one of the LLR chosen settlement towns with the Therriault and Gass families. I made a pilgrimage with my dad, hubby and toddler daughter in 2001 to Kap and LLR and then again with dad in 2005 with my 5 yr old, 3 yr old and my niece also 3. We are about to make out last trip north with my sister who has never been to return with the 3 kids now 18 and 16 without our dear dad who passed away in 2015 and mom who passed away in 2000. These trips are a labour of love for us as we return to the place of beginnings, to the place where their stories grafted and became connected. I long to take that 2 hr drive up from Kap and see the head pond, the dam, the school grounds where there was still fine gravel, a pipe coming from the ground where dad said there had been plumbing. I saw the pad where the fire hall was, we drove the main roads and walked some of the now grown in old roads. Using our hand drawn map made by my mom we found the spots of so many places you all knew. In 2005 we left the names of our kids in wet cement on that dam and return for the final time to see if they still live there and if the note we made and attached to a tree on the school yard still sits there.

    On the 23rd we drive up from Georgetown the 13 hrs to Kap and then 2 up to LLR on the road my parents dared to drive in an old red VW bug with no heat, daring the muddy roads knowing there was school on Monday and they might get stuck.

    Our childhoods were spent with summer fun being had with the Camridges, the Flittons, the Goulds and the Rokeby-Thomas families. They were all teachers together.Name:  LLR map.jpg
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Size:  65.0 KBName:  LLR map.jpg
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    I'm so thankful I found this thread.
    My parents met in LLR. Mom worked in the hydro office(my grandfather worked for ON Hydro), and dad was on a line crew. I had only made it up to Northern Ontario last year when I was headed home from Alberta when dad passed. I'm sure my mom would love to connect with anyone that lived there, if anyone still has family that was part of this little town.
    My mother is Donna Morrison, and my dad is Wayne Gibbon.
    I have one, little black and white photo of my mom's backyard in LLR, and a couple of lapel pins from the LLR curling club.

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