Originally posted by Marvin

: If you’re one of the few folks who’ve not heard about Pistol River’s The Western Ballad Opera, we’d like to invite you to visit us at <http://www.pistolriver.net> .
: We’ve found that our trucker friends have really developed an interest in the project, which is a nine-song story about the old west complete with all the facets of good verses evil – “a Lonesome Dove for the ears!” as one of our trucker friends recently told us.
: Nominated by the Academy of Western Artists in five categories, the Western Ballad Opera will provide you with plenty to talk about and to ponder about during those long hours on the road. We also encourage you to enter the $1,000 Cash Prize Contest for those who can answer specific questions about the characters and events in the Opera.
: Visit our web site and check it out. You’ll get hooked. Sign our Guest Book while visiting the site and we’ll make sure you are notified when the next two installments of this trilogy are released! Makes a great gift!