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Thread: Belated Memorial Day Ghost Town Trip

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    Default Belated Memorial Day Ghost Town Trip

    Originally posted by Coach Bodie

    : For the 6th Year Texas Jess and I hit the road...this was however the 1st year it wasn't on Memorial Day was our trip...

    : June 6th
    : We flew into Kansas City, Missouri….rough headaches made me wonder if I'd have another time like our 2001 trip!!! We rented a Jeep and drove from Kansas City to Abilene. Old Abilene Town was our main destination! It’s not up and functioning and we were told it’s for sale for $485,000 dollars. We walked about and checked out the structures though. Much of the original town was razed…we checked out Texas Street but there is really nothing left! In the cemetery we visited the grave of local lawman, Bear River Tom Smith!!! After Abilene we went to another former cow town…Ellsworth. It resembled Abilene very much! We were able to see the old town layout by markers. The old jail was probably the most interesting structure!!! After Ellsworth we rolled into Hays City after dark. We ate and called it a night. We did notice one thing…many Kansas towns have much in common…it seems like they all have a grain silo, a VFW hall and at least one hair salon…not to mention railroad track!!!

    : June 7th
    : Texas Jess and I headed for LaCrosse. It is known for none other than it’s “Barb Wire Museum” Being a cattleman, this held special interest for Texas Jess. Their collection of barbwire was amazing. I was most interested by the collections from different countries and barbwire’s role in wars. Jess, like a kid in a candy store, bought quite a bit to take home!!! After Lacrosse we went to Dodge City. Front Street was intriguing, but for those who don’t know I’ll tell you it is not the original. It is a recreation from pictures. After checking out Boothill and Front Street, Jess and I experienced Sonic for the 1st time…Jess is hooked. Following lunch we headed south to Meade, which is the home of The Dalton Gang Hideout. It was pretty cool….a tunnel that runs underground from the main house to the barn. In the true spirit of the “Old West” we saw a family with two kids…one named Wyatt and the other Dalton…gotta love it!!! We headed back to Dodge and then headed west for the state line…destination: Coolidge, Kansas…home of Cousin/Uncle Eddie from National Lampoon’s Vacation. Coolidge a former rail town had some pretty cool structures dating back to 1888.We dipped over the state line into Holly, Colorado, making it a 3 state trip, before heading back east through Dodge City again!!! It was late and coach Bodie pulled a goof and was pulled over by Ford County Sheriff’s for speeding…they were friendly however and having Texas Jess a lawman in the Jeep helped..they let us off!!! We continued into the wee hours into Wichita where Coach Bodie, amazingly got pulled over a second time. The friendly Wichita Police officer though gave us a warning and even offered hotel tips…thanks Texas Jess!!! Hotel stays were hard to come by…it was a city wide sellout…almost. Around 3:00 AM we found a room at the Radisson!!!

    : June 8th
    : We got up late but no big!!! Old Cow town didn’t open till noon anyway!!! We drove through Old Town and then went to Old Cow town, a recreation made up of relocated structures…a great place for kids. Working blacksmiths, Victorian folk, ranch hands, cowboys, musicians, etc, etc!!! It was pretty cool!!! After Wichita we went into Derby. My wife was born in Wichita and spent here early years in Derby. We went to take pictures of the house for the family!!! Following the Derby trip Jess and I made our 2nd Sonic trip before moving out for Coffeyville…Site Of The Dalton Raid!!! It was after 5:00 when we rolled in, so the museums were closed. We got the gist however, and walked past the markers of the defenders, check out the Condon Bank and browsed through Death Alley. After, we headed to the cemetery and visited the graves of the Dalton gang members whom perished. On our way out of town we stopped at a place called “Gina Marie’s”, I Believe. It is a frozen custard stand…I introduced Jess to it and he liked it!!! I 1st had it at a place called Luv-It Custard in Las Vegas, NV. It’s great stuff!!! After Coffeyville we headed back to Kansas City. It was after 10:00 when we rolled in, so we had to settle on eating at an Applebee’s! We were heading out the next day on a flight! I must say the most frustrating thing about Kansas was that much of the original architecture from the cow town era is gone, it seemed like many things were closed and from driving so late we had to settle on fast food because restaurants were closed. On the other hand, the people of Kansas are some of the most friendly people Jess and I have met in our years of ghost towning!!!

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    Where is the Meade Hotel located?
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