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Thread: Upper Peninsula, MI Ghost Towns?

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    Default Upper Peninsula, MI Ghost Towns?

    Originally posted by Ryan Hill

    : Hey there folks!
    : I've noticed that the board's been a lil' sleepy as of late! I thought I could liven things up!!!

    : Anyhow, can anyone reccomend Ghost Towns located in Michigan's Upper, and Keweenaw Peninsulas? I'm desperate for some hints, as my vacation's creeping ever closer!

    : Any useful tips or locations would be much appreciated!
    : Also, my site has a new look goin' on...

    : Thanks for your time Ghost Town fans!

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    There are a lot of towns scattered all over the UP that have very few remaining in them and sure look like ghost towns. Add to that a lot of old quarries and mining sites. I go up there at least 3 times a summer and enjoy every minute I am up there. Here is an article I wrote about one of our adventures.

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